2018 Scholarship Season! Is over!

Thanks for another great year, everybody! Lots of good applications, and the choice between the final three was pretty tough! Winner to be announced RHS Scholarship Night as usual!

Fun fact about exclamation points! Our second application, in 2008, featured these “questions”:

  • Write a mundane anecdote and make it exciting through the magic of punctuation!!!
  • How many exclamation points have you written or typed in the past year?

The winner’s answer to the latter question included the line “I believe that exclamation points should only be used in extreme cases where they are warranted, such as losing a limb or buying a new car.” At the time, that was pretty close to The Clambake Society’s official position. But things change a lot in a decade, and we now believe the only sentences that don’t deserve exclamation points are the boring ones. Think about it. Thinking emoji.